EARTHTECH ENGINEERING LTD., is a young consulting firm specializing in engineering and the environment.

Since its creation, the company has grown steadily providing top-end engineering services to water and sanitation projects, development agencies and private companies region-wide.

EARTHTECH has strengthened its presence in Latin America with a solid network linked to our offices located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and Quito, Ecuador.

Our staff is comprised of professionals specializing in Environmental disciplines, such as water and wastewater, environmental science, geology, biology, soil science, and general environmental field work, with enough knowledge, experience and ethics to comply with demanding expectations.

Our client list is dominated by natural resource exploitation projects, construction and process companies, oilfield and mining industries, as well as other engineering firms.

We are known for our strong personal touch and adaptability. The bedrock of our reputation lies in the dedication that we put to each of our jobs and the distinctive perspective used to execute them.

Our services include, but are not limited to: Environmental Consulting, Sampling, Soil and Groundwater, and Occupational Safety.

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