Earthtech Engineering employs a full service staff in the environmental disciplines, including Professional Engineers, Professional Geologists, Certified Consultants, Registered Architects, as well as biologists, chemists, soil scientists, and field technicians. Here is an overview of our experts profiles:

Jaime Pazmino Horra, MEng.
As an Environmental Engineering Consultant, Mr. Pazmiño’s project experience is comprised of site investigation and risk assessment at several commercial and special use properties, including chemical manufacturing plants, industrial complexes, tank farms and upstream & downstream petroleum facilities.

After getting his Master’s degree from UNESCO-IHE in the Netherlands, Mr. Pazmiño started working as a site engineer in the oil Exploration and Production field, where his skills regarding effluents and solids control were put into practice. Due to the dangerous environment on the oil well platforms he experienced, Mr. Pazmiño became concerned for occupational health and thus developed his safety-consciousness.

Jaime Pazmiño’s career as an Environmental Engineer has also been complemented with the oversight of the design and installation of monitoring well networks, soil sampling for environmental parameters, groundwater sampling programs,and implementation of enhanced in-situ biodegradation treatment systems across several countries within Latin America.

After the catastrophic earthquake that impacted Haiti in 2010, Mr. Pazmiño participated in various water supply and sanitation projects in Port-Au-Prince and provided technical support to system design on diverse jobs managed by international cooperation agencies.

Currently he serves as President of Earthtech Engineering Ltd. and is responsible for directing environmental management programs and control of solid and liquid waste generated from petroleum exploration activities.
Lorena Pazmino, BSc.
Ms. Lorena Pazmiño is an Environmental Scientist with a BSc. in Biology. Since joining Earthtech she has been involved with coordination of multidisciplinary teams that gather base-line information and planning of quarterly monitoring events.

Ms. Pazmiño has also provided support to site investigations, and environmental due diligence projects.
Diana Pazmino, MSc.
Ms. Diana Pazmiño received an MSc. in Environmental Sciences from Swansea University in the United Kingdom and a BSc. in Biosciences from Oklahoma State University- Stillwater in the United States. Her project experience includes environmental research on soil validation for hydrocarbon contaminated sites.

Diana Pazmiño has also performed environmental site investigations, risk assessments, environmental impact assessments, and waste management plans.
Rommel Vernaza, MBA.
Mr. Rommel Vernaza is an Industrial Engineer with extensive experience in QA/QC reporting and review. He received his MBA from the IESE Bussiness School, in Barcelona, Spain.

Mr. Vernaza has been the lead developer of various tailor-made Integrated Management Systems for Earthtech’s clients and is responsible for the peer-review coordination of documentation produced by Earthtech. His experience also includes optimization of industrial processes and research in strategic planning, production planning and control, and continuous improvement systems.
Leonel Tavarez, MSc.
Mr. Leonel Tavarez is an Industrial Engineer with Earthtech. He received a MSc in Occupational Risk Prevention from Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.

His project experience includes risk assessment of numerous brownfields and the implementation of Environmental, Safety and Quality Management Systems for large-scale electro-mechanic assemblies. Mr. Tavarez is closely involved with the production of attorney-client privileged documentation and the peer-review process of Earthtech’s deliverables.
Sebastían Cisneros, Arq.
Mr. Cisneros is a project Architect with Earthtech, he specializes in building and infrastructure and has participated in the design, construction, installation, and follow up of enhanced environmental remediation systems. Mr. Cisneros is also responsible for the graphical representation of environmental due diligences and phase 1&2 projects.




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